Bible Reading Plan

It’s been a cool first couple weeks of 2011 because I am constantly hearing from people who are following the Bible Reading Plan we created for 2011, which can be found at our site.

My family has been doing it together.  Every morning we all sit down and individually read the chapter, then answer any questions our kids have, then we each share our “Now What” – the application we need to make to apply what we read that day.  This morning, with Mark 10, so many of the stories had to do with power vs. serving.  This world tells us to be prestigious through gaining power, but Jesus teaches us to be significant through serving.  What a counter-cultural way to live, but it’s the Jesus way and the only way that ultimately works and satisfies.

I really appreciate Tommy who is writing the notes for each chapter on the VerveCatalysts site.  They’ve been really informative and helpful!