Happy New Years

I hope you have a happy New Years day.  But way more important to me is that you have a great entire year, that 2011 might be your best year yet – a year where you grow way more into a love God, love people kind of person.

But how?  Well, one of the best ways to do that is by reading the Bible everyday.  If you’d like to know why the Bible matters, and how to read it so it really impacts your life, you can listen to a message I did on the topic here.

So what will you read?  Well, we’ve developed a 2011 Bible Reading Plan that will take you through the entire Old Testament and part of the Old.  You can get it at our www.vervecatalysts.org site.  Follow it, really digging in and applying what you read to your life (using questions like Say What?, So What?, Now What?) and it will change your life.  Guaranteed.