Just Thinking

I’ve always been a big fan of thinking. I believe it’s one of my strengths – I’ve got a quick mind, which helps when necessary, but if possible I like to take my time with decisions and really, well, think them through. I’ve tried to develop my thinking abilities. In college I minored in Philosophy and took classes on deductive logic, epistemology, etc.

So why do I bring this up? Because I just don’t think enough people, well, think. In their personal lives, in church leadership, all the time I see people make decisions and I’m like, “Seriously?” How much thinking went into that? Did you look backwards and learn what you can from the past? Did you consider all of the circumstances you’re currently facing? Did you play out the decision to determine how it might impact the future? Did you get wisdom from others?”

So it may seem like common sense, but it’s not that common, but I encourage you to think. Go as slow as the decision will allow and think as much as you can. At least think about it?