The satellite box on one of our TV’s has some kind of problem that once in awhile the TV gets all glitchy and doesn’t look right.  The only thing I can do is hit the reset button on the box.  Then it will go through some phases where everything is reset, after which, we’re golden.

I find the same to be true in life.  Once in awhile things get messed up and just aren’t right.  When that happens, you need to hit reset.

So … my family begins every year with our “Family Dream Session” where we revisit our family’s core values and core culture, review the last year, and dream about the the future God has for us.

And this week I’m doing a three day retreat with just me and God.  I’m working on a Life Plan, and just taking a lot of time to pray and make sure things are right in my life.

I wonder if you need to hit reset?  How could you do that in the near future?