I’m kind of an independent film nut. I love them. In fact, way back in Virginia Beach, in 2008, when I first realized that we were really going to move to Vegas to start Verve, one of the things I did in that first week was to see how far Park City, Utah is from Vegas.  Park City is the location for the Sundance Film Festival, which features first showings of independent movies.

So last year I spoke at something, and a guy came up to me after to explain that he leads a ministry bringing spirituality to up-and-coming film makers. He asked me if I’d come with him to Sundance to lead discussion groups with film makers after viewing movies. He told me there was a church in Park City that I would speak at on Sunday.

Wow.  Honestly it was a difficult yes – I’ve been only agreeing to speak at places that are supporting Verve or might support Verve, and I didn’t see that connection here.  But … who knows?  And my wife was like, “Are you stupid?  In the first week we realized we were going to move to Vegas you talked about driving to Park City for Sundance!  God is giving you this as a gift.  You have to say yes!”

And I don’t argue with my wife.  ; ).