Getting to be in Park City for Sundance has been great.

I came for more ministry reasons, and have been able to meet with some fascinating Christian up and coming filmmakers.  One of the interesting things is that some of them came to film making later in life (like in their late 20’s or early 30’s) but are already achieving success.  (It’s not too late for you to do something new!)  I also met with a great pastor here.

I think God had me here for another reason I didn’t expect.  My wife is in graduate school to get her degree in Counseling, and wants to work with girls who have been rescued out of sexual slavery, and I have met a bunch of people who have some connection to that (like a guy who is making a film on the subject).  We’ll see what comes of it…

I did get to see a series of five short films – which were horrendous!  And the debut of a full-length called Win Win.