This week we started a brand new series, Reel Prayer.  We’re looking at some movie scenes with people praying, most of whom obviously don’t have a clue about prayer.  And together we’re exploring what prayer is, and why it’s important, and how to make it more effective in our lives, so it can change our lives.  Talk about an important series!

Sunday night we did our first ever Verve State Of The Church Address.  Honestly, it was a little weird for me.  First, because I had to make a few announcements I guess I would have rather not had to make.  Though I do know ultimately they’re for the best.  But even more, because we have some really cool, really fun possibilities for 2011 and I didn’t share them.  Why?  Because still in our first year, our church is at a critical stage, and I knew there were just much more important things we had to talk about.  And if you’re a part of Verve but weren’t there, you need to listen to the podcast this week.  You can do so here.

2011 is gonna rock at Verve.  God has great things in store for us.  Get ready!