A Guerrilla Year Ago Today

A year ago today my book Guerrilla Lovers came out. There have been some amazing stories of how it’s inspired Christ-followers to love people in the name of Jesus. A bunch of churches have used the free materials we provide to do a “Guerrilla Lover” series, and have seen great results.

But, honestly, sales have been lower and slower than expected. Why? Well, I think mostly it’s because people didn’t hear about it. Part of that is there was less marketing than needed. And part is that I am turned off by self-promotion. When you write a book you need to promote it yourself, and I try, but that’s really difficult for me.  For instance, we just did our own conference in October, and didn’t have my books out, or available to buy. Not smart business on my part, but I just prefer to point to Jesus and not myself.

So here’s my hope: the idea of guerrilla methodology is that it’s a patient strategy and that the impact adds up slowly until victory is gained. Hopefully that will be the story of this book…