Super Sunday

Tomorrow we’re having a Super Bowl party.  We really debated it, because we’re in Las Vegas, which is the capital of the world when it comes to Super Bowl parties.  We didn’t want to have one just to have one, or to be redundant.

But we did a survey and lots of people said there are tons of Super Bowl parties, but not that are family friendly.  And almost no one shows the game on as big a screen as we have!

So come tomorrow for the party.  You can bring food (to share), friends, and your family.  We’ll provide drinks, and the game – large and loud.

Also, we’re going to do Vervalicious at halftime.  Vervalicious is an event where we share the story of Verve, our vision, and how you can fit into it all.  We’ll have halftime on in a different room if you want to watch it, but if you don’t mind missing the show, you can experience Vervalicious.