The Missouri Tour, Featuring Love

Prior to about six months ago, I had only ventured into Missouri once. I went to Law School in Illinois, and I drove to St. Louis once to see the arch and go to a Cardinals game. However, back in the Fall I spoke at a college in Bolivar, and this week I’m speaking at another in Joplin. I feel like I’m on a college tour of Missouri!

This week I’m speaking about four times at a “Preaching & Teaching Convention.” I’m psyched about the main session I’m doing because I was asked to speak about grace. About how Christians are told to speak the truth, but to do it in love.

Personally I think truth and love are the two things everyone desperately needs. It’s truth that sets us free, but if it doesn’t come in the context of love, we’re not hearing it. The problem is that Christians have focused on sharing the truth, but not on doing it in God’s love. Which makes it even more critical that we lead with love. If we do that, by the way, we’re in good company, because it’s what Jesus always did.