this weekend @ VERVE

We are continuing our brand new series Crazy Love Songs in which we’re talking about what to do with hurting and broken relationships.  We’ve all got ’em, right?  Life is tough, and it’s hard on relationships.  So what do you when you find yourself … hating yourself?  Or no longer feeling the way you used to about your spouse?  Or at odds with a friend?  Join us at Verve and we’ll talk about it.

Another cool thing happening this week is that you have the opportunity to buy some delicious cupcakes, and support an awesome ministry.  One of the new ministries at Verve is The Cupcake Girls, some women (including my wife) who go each week to some strip clubs, bringing cupcakes, loving on the girls, and (when the opportunity is right) inviting them to Verve.  So … we’re going to have the same (awesome) cupcakes for sale on Sunday morning and Monday evening.  The deal is that you pay $20, which gets you a dozen cupcakes and pays for a dozen cupcakes to be brought to a Strip Club.  You get to eat well, and support a great ministry!