This week we concluded our series on Reel Prayer by talking about two kind of specialized prayer skills: (1) Inquiring of the Lord, and (2) Worshipping God through singing.  I hope it was a step forward for Verve as we continue to learn what it looks like to live in a relationship with God, and as we grow towards become God stalkers.

We looked at one of the funkiest stories in the Bible, in 2 Chronicles 20, and saw that when life is complicated, one of the best things we can do is to lay our situation before God and then pray, “Lord, I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are upon You.”

I was at Verve on Sunday morning, but right after flew to Florida for a church planter’s conference I’m speaking at, so we showed a video from the Sunday message at the Monday night service.  I heard the audio on the video wasn’t excellent, and I apologize, and if we ever do a video again (no plans to currently) we will make sure it’s better.

Excited this Sunday for our brand new series, Crappy Love Songs.  It’s a GREAT one to bring friends to, so invite some people.  Even if you’ve invited them before and they didn’t show up, give ’em another chance, and let them know this series is about what to do when love and relationships go bad.

Another great “bring a friend” event is the Super Bowl party on Sunday.  Game starts at 3:30, but the doors will be open at 3:00.  Bring some food to share…