A Place Of Healing

We named our church Verve not because it sounds kind of cool, but because of what it means. Verve means: vivacity, energy, vitality, liveliness, or the spirit and enthusiasm inspiring or animating artistic composition or performance. Jesus said, in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” We could take a little poetic license and paraphrase that, “I have come that they may have verve.” But before we can have verve, we need healing.

The path to healing is stop running and stop hiding – our hurts, our sins – but instead to just be honest. We moved to Las Vegas to open a church for people who are running, so they could find a place not to hide but to expose their hurts and their sin, and to find grace. Because Las Vegas is a place people run to, it’s even a place where people will be honest about their issues, but it’s not a place of healing. And so we set up our church right in the middle of Sin City because Verve is a place of healing, and that’s what we all need.