God Gives A Damn … The Results

So last month we put up two billboards (and had a mobile billboard) all proclaiming:  God Gives A Damn, with a website to learn more.  We realized it was risky.  In fact, all kinds of people warned us that yes, we may get a bunch of people to show up at our church through it, but would it worth the massive controversy it would create and media attention it would bring us?  We prayed and decided it was.

So let me tell you the results  …  Nothing.  Yes, nothing.  We got zero phone calls, zero emails, zero letters.  We got zero concerns, zero complaints, and zero questions.  And the amount of people who showed up at our church through this advertising campaign?  Zero.

So what does that say?  I’m not totally sure, but it definitely highlights how different Vegas is.  Every pastor I know has said, “I’d get crucified in my town if I did that!” but in Vegas, no one even notices.  It also leads me to think we’re going to have to grow slowly.  A lot of churches throw up a controversial billboard and grow by hundreds that weekend.  Not going to happen for us.  We need our people inviting our friends, and we’ll grow one person at a time…