this weekend @ VERVE

On Friday night we are hosting a Mike Rayburn show. Mike has headlined eight times at Carnegie Freakin’ Hall, so having him do a show for us … kind of a big deal.  Hope you’ll be there.  (If you didn’t get tix but want to come, we may be able to sneak you in just before the show starts if there’s still room. Show up at like 7:25 and we’ll see if there are still some seats available.)

On Sunday morning and Monday evening we’re concluding our Confessions of a Pastor series. This week’s confession? I commit the same sins over and over again. Do not miss it.

Sunday night the new semester of Verve University begins. If you’ve never taken our Verge or Verse courses, you seriously need to register and take one. I am not exaggerating when I say that it will change your life.