This was easily one of my favorite weekends at Verve. Our services on Sunday morning and Monday night were great, but that’s not why. We had week three of our current semester of Verve University, and it was great, but that’s not why. Here’s why:

We had a group come in from Mountain Life Church in Park City, Utah, who were interested in learning more about what’s happening at Verve and to pray for us. First, it was awesome to have a group like that, very encouraging.

But here’s the coolest part:  We spend 3 1/2 hours on Saturday, and another 2 1/2 on Sunday having all of our staff members share their stories and what they love at Verve. We also had several people who have started a relationship with God at Verve and have experienced dramatic life change share their stories. That’s what I loved. I get to work with amazing people. They’ve all sacrificed a lot to be here. We all have to raise financial support for our salaries or are working other jobs to make ends meet. And I am so proud of them. I loved sitting for hours listening to each of them share their hearts and tell of all the amazing things God has allowed them to be a part of because of Verve. You’d have to be here to understand, and honestly, if you knew what it’s like to get to do what we do and experience what we experience, you’d be jealous.