This week we started a new series, Games People Play, in which we’re talking about games we play, but may not realize we’re playing. We started with Family Feud and talked about how unresolved family secrets lead to more unresolved family secrets. It was deeply personal and maybe painful, but hopefully the first step towards freedom for a lot of people.

SO WE NEED YOUR HELP. There’s an 18 year-old-girl we met through the Cupcake Girls Ministry (our ministry to Strip Clubs). On Sunday night this girl overdosed on heroin, and was pronounced dead for a moment before being revived. She then contacted Joy, who leads the Cupcake Girls. Joy and Krystal Altman went over to the hospital late on Sunday, and led the girl to Christ! On Monday night she came to Verve. Amazing! So … she wants to go to rehab, and we have secured a spot for her, but it’s going to cost $500. Would you be willing to make a donation towards her going to rehab? If so, you can give online by clicking here. If you do, would you please email me ( and let me know so I can make sure your donation goes to that? Thank you so much!!