We had an amazing night on Friday, where we put on a free show featuring Mike Rayburn and Jeff Civillico. We decided to do it because we care and wanted to serve people by giving them a fun night out … for free. And it was made possible because of the generosity of Mike and Jeff.  It was PACKED and people loved the show. I’d say the audience was about half Ververs and half not…

On Saturday we hosted the TED Talks at our building. I think TED is about the most prestigious convention for thinkers in America, so kinda cool. And our mayor, Oscar Goodman, was there on our stage. (See picture at right)

On Sunday and Monday we completed our Confessions of a Pastor series. This series was not original with us. In fact, it’s a series a bunch of churches have done. Each pastor has made it his own, but I’m grateful for the ideas I got (stole?!?) from guys like Craig Groeschel, Steven Furtick, and Scott Hodge, who did the series before me. We did it because it’s a great fit for us at Verve. We want to have an authentic community where everyone, including the pastor, is real. And we want to teach people that confession is the path to healing.

We ended the series with a very cool video that developed the idea that when we confess, God forgives our sins through Jesus. We had handed out “confession” cards for two weeks that people had written their sins on. The last day of the series, we talked about how God forgives our sins, but the temptations won’t leave immediately, that’s more of a “little by little” kind of thing.

After service on Monday night we had a baptism … awesome!