This week we continued our Confessions of a Pastor series with, “I Don’t Like A Lot of Christians.”

There will always be people who say churches like Verve just try to make Christianity seem fun and easy and don’t talk about sin … ummmm … I’m pretty sure I said “sin” about 40 times in my message this week.

I pray that Verve is always a place where, because we’re getting closer to God, we get close to people who are far from God. People who don’t have Jesus need to see Jesus in us.

Several people told me they thought the “slow jam” confessions Jimmy made (against his will) was the funniest thing we’ve ever done at Verve.

Very excited for the Mike Rayburn concert/comedy show we’re doing on May 13.  Looks like we have a few tickets left to give out.  If you missed this weekend, or have some friends (who don’t go to any church) who you want to invite, stop by the Velcro Bar to pick some up.

Verve U starts in two weeks!  Three great courses being offered!  Registration has started!