Why Go To Vault?

We’re doing our Church Planting Lab called Vault again in October.  And you might be wondering why you should go to that versus the other options…

Answer?  Because it’s an immersive seminar.  We’re not putting on the typical conference with all kinds of advertising and big name speakers and a flashy light show.  We’re providing an immersive seminar for you.

What do I mean?  I mean if you want to be a church for people who don’t like church, a church that knows how to connect with people who are far from God and help them to find God, we will take you into the vault.  We will show you what we do.  You will experience what we do.  You will meet atheists and church haters who have had their minds and lives changed at Verve.  You will hear their stories.  You will get to ask questions of the speakers.  And we will vault you out with principles that you can apply in your setting, in the way that fits for you who you are.

And not only that, but John Burke (author of No Perfect People Allowed) will be there to teach sessions showing you how they do all that at Gateway, a church of thousands in Austin, Texas, who reach people who have no interest in or have rejected church.

To do all that, we have to keep the numbers intentionally small.  We will not allow more than 125 people to come.  Registration is open, people are starting to sign-up.  If you’re not one of the first 125, we’ll have to say no.  So register soon.