Moment of Truth

A few weeks back I did a message on “Red Light – Green Light” and talked about areas of our life that we ignore and let get out of control. As I prepared for it I faced the obvious truth that this is what I’ve done with my own physical fitness. I made a commitment to myself (and even announced it to my church) that I would start exercising, change my eating habits, and lose weight.

It’s been working.  Nothing radical, but I’ve been working out and eating healthier at least five or six days a week, and I’ve dropped a few pounds.

But this week I went away. I was in Michigan meeting with my book publisher. Now I’m back. And it’s the moment of truth. I lost the habit I’ve created and it’s so easy to not get back in it. So I have to decide: Was that a fad in my life, or is this a new lifelong habit?

When do you face the moment of truth? What critical habits are you trying to create (reading the Bible?, being generous in giving?, date nights with your spouse?), and what is it that interrupts the habit (a vacation? some unforeseen expenses? summer break?) and makes you tempted to never reestablish it?

It’s our habits (the healthy commitments we’ve decided to keep) that get us where we need to go. So don’t stop! (And pray that I don’t either!)