Micro Groups

One of the highlights of each week for me are meeting with the guys in my two Micro Groups. When we first moved to Vegas we assumed we would do typical “Small Groups” – 10 to 15 people meeting in a living room for some social time and a little Bible study.

But after studying Vegas and lots of prayer, we changed our minds. We learned that there is a reluctance in Vegas for people to go into a stranger’s house. We also realized that people’s schedules are so crazy here it would be difficult to pick days and times that would work for majorities of people.

We also knew that while Small Groups are good for developing friendships, they’re often not nearly as effective in developing disciples – true, devoted followers of Jesus.

And so instead we’ve been doing Micro Groups – 3 to 5 guys or girls meeting (typically) in a more public space (our Venue, a Starbucks, etc.) for accountability, encouragement, and a little Bible application. I have two groups, and we’re really honest, go really deep, and really help each other.

If you’re a Verver and not in a Micro Group, the first step is to to one of our core Verve University courses (Verge, Verb, or Verse), and then we’d love to get you plugged in!