I was gone most of the week at camp, which was awesome.

Great to be back in Vegas and at Verve. I love our church and love the people I get to work with everyday. I realize a lot of people can’t say that, so I’m grateful.

Our service was a little different this week, but I thought really great. I’m really enjoying our new Losing My Religion series, getting to teach through Galatians. It’s more “theology” kind of stuff than everyday felt need kind of stuff, but it’s the most critical things we need to know.

Lots of cool stuff about to happen:  The summer semester of Verve University starts this Wednesday night with two courses. This time we’re doing something different with a class specifically for men and another for women. You can find out more and register here.

Family Movie Night is happening on Sunday, July 31. You can vote on the movie at our Facebook page.

We’re planning a Guerrilla Lover ambush: We’re collecting supplies for the teachers of Dean Peterson Elementary School and will give them out in August. Get the list of supplies at Verve and drop off what you get in the box in the lobby.