This Is Your Life (With God) Journey

Last week we were in Virginia Beach, which is where both of my kids were born and lived most of their young lives.  We had a few free hours one morning, so my wife and I took them on a “This is Your Life (With God) Journey.”

We started at the hospital where both were born, went to the room they were delivered in, and shared the stories of their births.  We explained the complications, how we weren’t sure if they’d make it, but what God did to bring them into this world.

We went to the two houses we lived in and shared stories of how we got and sold those homes, our favorite memories that happened inside them, and more.

We went to the movie theater our church started in, and the high school we met in when we committed to adopt an unreached people group in southeast Asia.

It was very cool.  A few tears, lots of laughs, and even more recognition and appreciation for what an awesome God we have and how amazing He’s been to us.