This week we started our Go For Broke series and if you missed it, well, you missed a lot.  Listen to it on our website.  Here are some of the points we talked about:

  1. God wants us to have peace and freedom in every area of our lives, including finances.
  2. Most of us don’t have peace or freedom with our finances.
  3. We need a Biblical perspective on money and a plan to take us from broke to freedom.
  4. The Biblical perspective on money is that God owns it all. He’s letting us manage His stuff.
  5. The Biblical perspective is that money is a test.  It tests our management skills, character, affections.
  6. A plan that works is the 10-10-80 plan.
  7. The first payment is (at least) 10% of what we bring in goes to God.
  8. A lot of us think we can’t afford that, but we can’t afford not to.
  9. Tithing (giving 10%) does SO much for us.  It grows our love and faith and trust in God, it invites Him into our finances, and more.
  10. God doesn’t ask us to give for Him, He doesn’t need our money.
  11. He asks you to give for you.  For what it will do in your life.
  12. This series is not about getting the offerings up at Verve.  It’s about you.
  13. We are offering a Money Back Guarantee!  If you tithe (give a full 10%) of your income for one year, and don’t feel like it was the right thing to do and it didn’t grow you spiritually, we will return in full everything you gave over those twelve months.
  14. The second payment is that 10% goes to yourself.
  15. We put 10% into a “Freedom Fund” – an account or mutual fund that will pay interest, so instead of working for our money, our money will finally be working for us.
  16. This Freedom Fund is for emergencies, vacations, retirement, etc.
  17. The third payment is that 80% goes to the bills, your everyday living expenses.
  18. How do you live off of 80%?  You make changes.  You get on a spending diet.  It will be hard, but it will be worth it.  Because following this plan will lead you to financial freedom, and to becoming a generous person who makes an eternal impact with their money.

To get all of what we talked about, listen to the message!