This weekend our message was presented through a (30 minute) video (which looked amazing thanks to Jimmy Altman).  That’s different for us.  We don’t do video sermons.  So why did we do it?  Well, mainly, because it’s different for us.

One of the easiest traps for churches to fall into is “We’ve never done it that way before” or “That’s the way we do it because we’ve always done it that way.”  That will never be Verve.  We’ll do it different, so that we’ve done it that way before.  And we’ll do it a different way, so there will never be a way we’ve always done it.  Change is good.  Different for different’s sake can be really healthy.  And we’ll keep stretching us so we always stay flexible.

Hope you Ververs enjoyed the video and, if not, that’s okay, cause it was different.