Every week Verve gives the first ten percent of our offerings to church planting. Honestly, we can’t afford it. Currently our offerings don’t even begin to cover our expenses. (We are relying on external support from other churches and friends around the country.) (Which I’m grateful for.) (But also sad about – I look forward to the day when we are self-supporting and all that money can go to start other churches.) But we tithe our offerings by giving at least 10% away.

This weekend we are giving an additional 9.11% to a church planting group in New York City. We know a bunch of their leaders, and many of the churches they’ve started in the past, and it is a high quality and effective organization.

And on this, the tenth anniversary of 9/11, when terrorists tried to make hate prevail, we’re taking a stand along with many other churches around the country, and giving 9.11% of our offerings to help start churches in the city the terrorists tried to destroy.  They meant for hate to win the day, we’re making sure it’s love that prevails.