College Football Predictions

I’ve always really liked college football, but since moving to Vegas I’ve grown more to love it.  There’s just something about waking up with the pregame shows starting at 6 am and the games starting at 9…

The seasons starting and I thought I’d make a few predictions (because I know you’ve been dying to hear them) so here goes:

  • Early game to watch:  Today: LSU vs. Oregon.  Dang.
  • The day to not get off your couch:  November 5.  Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma.  LSU vs. Alabama.  South Carolina vs. Arkansas.
  • Surprise undefeated teams going into conference championship games: South Carolina (who is loaded) and Virginia Tech each have easy schedules.  The Gamecocks toughest game is at Arkansas.  The Hokies big challenge is … at Georgia Tech?
  • Best team not ranked in the top 5:  Texas A&M.  Unfortunately for them, they play Oklahoma at Oklahoma.  Not cool.
  • Team I hate who unfortunately is on their way back:  Notre Dame.
  • Heisman Winner:  Andrew Luck. (2) LaMichael James.  (3) Marcus Lattimore.  (4) Landry Jones.  (5) Trent Richardson.
  • So who wins it all?  I hate to take the obvious (and I won’t be shocked if Virginia Tech or South Carolina sneaks in) but I’ve got to go with Oklahoma.