FREE (!) Conference (?)

Yesterday I decided our Vault Conference is actually free.  What do I mean?  Well, how much would you pay for:

  • Two breakfasts and a lunch?
  • Three books?
  • A Vegas show straight from the Strip?

Seeing as how breakfast or lunch is typically around $10, and books cost $15, and this Vegas show has about a $70 ticket, I’m thinking the total right about $125.  And you get all that at the Vault Conference, and that happens to be the price of Vault (unless you bring more than one person, than it’s only $100).  So, in effect, FREE conference!  Or you can look at it as a $125 conference, with $125 worth of FREE stuff you’ll get!

Either way, why aren’t you registered yet? It starts in two weeks. Especially if you live in Vegas, or L.A., or Phoenix, or San Diego, or Salt Lake City.  Drive over on Monday morning, drive home Wednesday afternoon.  You’ll pay less than $50/night for a hotel.  And this conference WILL impact your ministry and could just change your life.  Register today!