I Hate To Take Credit But…

In my second book, Guerrilla Lovers, I wrote:  I enjoy an occasional trip the home of Burger King.  But, personally, I question his sovereignty. I mean, really, what is he the king of? Quarter pound slabs of ground beef? I ask you: Who made the Burger King king anyway? And is he really deserving of his royal status? I’ll let you be the judge.”  Then I proceeded to give three reasons why I question the sovereignty of Burger King, ending with, “And so, I end by making this request: O alleged king of burgers, relinquish your crown sir!”

So did you hear the news?  Burger King has announced that they are doing away with their “King” (see picture) and taking a more “food-centric” marketing approach.

Why are they making this decision?  Well, I don’t know for sure, but I’m taking the credit on this one.