this weekend @ VERVE

Next week the biggest new show of the year starts: The X-Factor.  The idea is that some singers have an “x-factor” – an intangible, hard to define, but obvious something that will make them famous. 

This week we start our new series, yup, you guessed it: The X-Factor.  Our idea is that some people have a different kind of “x-factor” – a quality about them – you might see it in their joy, feel it in their passion, hear it in their laugh or caring voice – it’s a special something that draws you to them, and makes you want that x-factor too.

In this series we’ll be talking about some of the things that keep us from getting the x-factor we long for.  This week we’ll focus on the idea that God is mad at us.  If you feel like God must be angry with you, don’t miss this.

Come this week to learn more about the x-factor and how you can have it yourself!