The new TV season is starting up.  The shows I’m excited to start watching again:

  1. Mad Men: But unfortunately have to wait till 2012.
  2. 30 Rock: Along with Mad Men, my favorite current shows.
  3. Parks & Recreation: Has gotten funnier every season.
  4. The Office: Has been getting less funny every season. Hopefully this year reverses the trend.
  5. Top Chef: Also have to wait till 2012.
  6. American Idol: Ditto.
  7. Survivor: Every year it’s great all over again.
  8. Kitchen Nightmares: Speaking of which, I want to start a show called Church Nightmares!
  9. How I Met Your Mother: Wait for it, wait for it…

That’s all I watch.  But there are a few two shows I’m interested in checking out:

  1. The X-Factor: The commercials make it look like American Idol + Jerry Springer.
  2. Up All Night: Will Arnet makes me laugh no matter what he says

What show are you most excited to watch?