We started our new series, The X-Factor this week. We’re talking about how some people have something – an intangible, hard to define something – that you want. It’s the x-factor, and the x-factor is a real, authentic, deep relationship with God. But there are some things that hold us back from getting it – so in this series we’re attacking those head on.

We did our first ever postcard mailing last week, and have a second card going out this week.  We had some extra (free) cards given to us by the printer – 10,000 of them! – and we’re putting them as inserts in the Las Vegas Review Journal on Friday.

One of the dreams of Verve is that we wouldn’t be about just the dreams of Verve, but instead the dreams of our people. We want to help people discover the dream God’s put in them, and then help them make it a reality. That’s part of the reason we offer our Verve U. course “Verb” – and I’m psyched that the newest semester of it just started!  I think it will be life changing for the 18 people taking it.