I enjoy living on the West Coast except for one thing – NFL games starting at 10 am on Sundays. And I was worried about the hit our attendance would take with the start of the season. (Not worried about our attendance “numbers,” I just want people there because I know the impact it has on them. I LOVE football, but it doesn’t change your life.) Last year our attendance dropped with the opening games. This year? Kinda sorta. First service was good, second was pretty empty. I guess people are willing to miss the first half of a game, but not the second half…

Of all the 2011 messages, this weekend’s would be in my top 3-ish for the one’s I’d most want every Verver to hear. Not because it had to do with money, but because it was about being amazed by God’s outrageous love, having to respond to a love like that, and living a “Love made me do it” kind of life. That’s what I want to be about, and that’s what I want our people to be all about. If you missed the message, you can listen to it by clicking “Launch Sermon Player” here.

So … what are you most excited about that’s happening at Verve lately?