Family Tradition: No Tech Tuesdays

Because of my belief in the importance of meaningful traditions, I’m sharing a few from time-to-time that we’ve established in our family…

Most of the family traditions came about through creatively thinking of fun ways to share God together, share time together, and celebrate together. This one was more out of necessity.

Our kids would spend every minute watching TV, playing video games, or on a computer if we let them. And repeatedly telling them, “When I was your age, we only had 3 channels and never watched TV,” and “we didn’t have video games,” and “there were no such things as computers back then” and “you’re killing your braincells!” led us to decide we had to show them that there are ways of entertaining yourself without a flickering image in front of your face.

Thus we established no-tech Tuesdays. First reaction: weeping and gnashing of teeth. But once they actually realized reading is fun and board games are kinda cool, it’s actually become a favorite night of the week.

What do you think about your family establishing a no-tech day of the week?