Lots of cool things going on at Verve.  I am SO psyched about plans we have for this Christmas season – we’re going to take guerrilla to a new level – but I’m not gonna tell you quite yet.

And there’s something coming on or just after Christmas that’s even bigger. Okay, it’s WAY bigger. But I’m definitely not gonna tell you that one yet.

For now you’ll just have to trust me, good stuff is coming.

And it’s happening now. Maybe the coolest thing that happened this last week is that we put on our Vault Conference. We had about 80 pastors from all over the country come to learn how to do church for people who don’t like church. We have to be about the newest and smallest church in the country putting on a conference, but God is doing something so unique at Verve, people are hearing it and want to experience it and learn from us. That’s crazy, but it’s crazy in a really cool way. And I’m just honored to be a part of it. Hearing the response from people at the conference and reading their evaluations … too cool.

Verve, we’re gonna turn the world upside down!