This weekend we launched a new (yet old) series at Verve:  I Want A Movie Life.  It’s a series we’ll probably bring back every year, where we take a look at some recent blockbuster movies, to see what spiritual lessons we can learn from them about God and life.  We started with Rango, next week is X-Men, 1st Class.

One of the great people (and great stories) at Verve is my friend Warren, and it was his birthday on Monday, so he invited his friends to come to our service and stay after for a birthday party. He had 35 friends – who are not church goers – come out. Very fun. Our normal attendance on Mondays is about 65, but we had 130ish people. So even not counting Warren’s friends – we had a lot of people!

This upcoming weekend The Cupcake Girls are selling cupcakes.  When you buy one dozen for you (for $20) you are also paying for another dozen, which will be brought to a Strip Club to show God’s love in a practical fun way.  Come ready to buy … and eat!

Next week we’re also putting on a small conference for pastors and church planters called Vault. It’s going to be awesome, and we should have an extra 80ish people at our service on Monday night.