I hate to brag, but this weekend I’m quite sure I preached the greatest message ever given on Cookie Monster. I’m also quite sure I preached the only message ever given on Cookie Monster. If you missed it, we went through the story of Josiah from 2 Chronicles 3435, and we learned that we need to become obsessed with God, and to do that we need to seek God, get rid of the things in our “kingdoms” that aren’t pleasing to God and pull us away from Him, and make a commit to follow and obey Him with all our heart and soul. But to keep that commitment we need to practice “spiritual disciplines” – the daily and weekly habits that keep us connected to God, and allow us to receive His power to live out our commitment. Practices like reading the Bible and praying.

Excited to see the box for Dean Peterson’s third graders filling up with presents. Last year we adopted one class of third graders, this year we’re adopting the entire 3rd grade. 130 students – and we want to give them all at least 2 presents each. What would be crazy cool is if we end up with so many presents we can give some other needy kids gifts as well. So let’s do this Ververs, get some board games, card games or puzzles that would be good for an 8 year old and bring them in this week!