Vince Recommends…

In my never-ending quest to improve your life, today I want to recommend you eat all the Corn Pops you can, and fast.

“Why?” you ask, “Is that your favorite cereal, Vince?” Not hardly. The best cereal is Cocoa Pebbles, and it’s not even close. And there are a ton of other cereals better than Corn Pops:  Honeycombs, Captain Crunch, Frosted Mini-wheats, Reese Puffs, Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Life,  Fruity Pebbles, Count Chocola, and Apple Jacks all have it hands down over Corn Pops.

So, “Why,” you ask again, “should we eat all the Corn Pops we can, and fast?” Because, I answer, they are going away! They will soon be taken off shelves forever. You can read about it here and here and here.

Personally, though they’re not my fave, I can’t imagine a world without Corn Pops (or their ancestor, Sugar Corn Pops). It would be like a world without, well, Lucky Charms. What kind of world is this world becoming?!

But here’s one more reason to eat a ton of Corn Pops before they’re gone baby gone. It turns out that one of the ingredients in Corn Pops is … embalming fluid. (For real. Read the articles I linked to.) Now that may be one of the reasons they’re being removed from shelves, but I think it’s actually a selling point. Eat a ton of Corn Pops and when you die, all they have to do at the funeral parlor is comb your hair!

So, what’s your favorite cereal? Anyone with me on Cocoa Pebbles? And if not, what’s your box of breakfast food of choice?