Recently watched the documentary Pearl Jam 20 by Cameron Crowe (I love you Cameron Crowe!), and I thought it had a ton of lessons for church planters. Here’s one…
The Pearl Jam documentary is called “20” because the band has been putting out music for twenty years. And other than a few changes at drummer, it’s been the same guys all the way through. That’s remarkable.
And that’s what I hope for with Verve. It would be so cool if in 20 years I’m still getting to work with Jake and Tommy and Kandyss, if Holly is still leading our Student Ministry and Joy the Cupcake Girls, if our key volunteer leaders are still around. God may have other plans, and I’m open to them, but selfishly I hope our team remains constant for a long time.
What about your team? Do you have the right people? Do you enjoy working with them? Do you want it to stay together? Are you making it the kind of work environment that people would want to be a part of forever?
And if you work well together and stay together, who knows what you can accomplish.