this weekend @ VERVE

A “tribe” is a group of people who are bonded together, and this week we begin a new series called, “The Tribe.”  We’re going to explore exactly who we are as a church.  What are some of the things we’re characterized by and passionate about?  And, probably most important for you, what does it matter to you?  How does it impact your life?  Not only will this series help you to better understand Verve, but you’ll also more fully understand what it means to follow Jesus and be a part of His body, the church.

This week we’ll talk about being a risk-taking tribe, and you’ll learn the secret of overcoming fear in your life so you can take risks and do great things for God.

This week we’ll also be making the biggest announcement yet in the history of our church.  Seriously, you don’t want to miss it!

And remember: No 10:05 service on Sunday!!!  Sleep in and come at 11:35, or on Monday night.