Lots going on this last week at Verve, like…

  • We continued our AKA God series this weekend with “El Roi” – the “God who sees.”
  • I had dental surgery this week and wasn’t sure how I’d be doing on Sunday, so I took the weekend off of speaking. It also gave me a great opportunity to volunteer in the Children’s Ministry. If I didn’t speak every Sunday, I’d volunteer with the kids every Sunday. There’s nothing more important that happens in any church than helping kids to love God and love people. They have their entire lives in front of them, if you can give them a great foundation early on – that’s a game changer. I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t want to volunteer in Children’s Ministry. If you want to, and aren’t, let us know. We’re starting a new class in January and will need more volunteers!
  • It’s cool that I can take a week off and have Tommy speak. So thankful for that. And he did a great job teaching us about the God who sees our sin, our pain, and our potential.
  • Although … on Monday Tommy was so sick he couldn’t do it, so I filled in last minute.  I’ve never done that before.  Kinda cool, makes you feel like a closer on a baseball team.
  • We had a mission team from Palm Valley Church with us from Thursday to Sunday. They worked hard, were awesome, and seemed to go home really psyched. Want to bring your church on a mission trip to Verve?  Let us know?
  • We had our Middle Schoolers at a Winter Camp this weekend. I think 13 kids and 3 adults went to the mountains in Arizona. Sounds like they had an amazing time.
  • People have been asking if we’re going to have another Super Bowl Party this year. Yup.
  • I am SO excited for the announcement we’re going to make in our services on January 1 and 2. Plan on being at Verve one of those days!