Verve Worship Songs

At Verve, we’re very particular about the songs we use for worship. We want songs that allow Christians to worship God, but are completely understandable to non-Christians. Those who are new and not quite there yet may not agree with all the lyrics, but they should be able to understand all of it.

Below is a list of songs we use, or are considering using in the near future. If you’re a pastor or church planter, may be helpful to you. If you’re a Verver, you could check out some of our future songs…

1.       Dirty and Left Out, The Almost
2.       Amazing, Because It is, The Almost
3.       Awful Direction, The Almost
4.       Prodigal, One Republic
5.       Everything, Lifehouse
6.       Take Me Away, Lifehouse
7.       Typical, Mutemath
8.       Control, Mutemath
9.       Okay, Mutemath
10.    How He Loves, David Crowder Band
11.    My Hope, David Crowder Band
12.    Can I Lie Here, David Crowder Band
13.    Something Beautiful, Needtobreathe
14.    Let Us Love, Needtobreathe
15.    You Are Here, Needtobreathe
16.    Satisfy, Tenth Avenue North
17.    I’m Not Alright, Sanctus Real
18.    Break Free, Hillsong United
19.    Your Love Is Strong, Jon Foreman
20.    Rescue, Seabird
21.    Iridescent, Linkin Park
22.    Restless, Switchfoot
23.    Search My Heart, Hillsong United
24.    Beautiful Things, Gungor
25.    You Never Let Go, Mat Redman
26.    Awful Direction, The Almost
27.    Escape, Rush of Fools
28.    Worlds Apart, Jars of Clay
29.    God of This City, Chris Tomlin
30.    Never Let Go, David Crowder Band
31.    Break Me Down, Tenth Avenue North
32.    Lift Us Up To Fall, Tenth Avenue North
33.    Restless, Seabird
34.    Breathe Into Me, Red
35.    Pieces, Red
36.    Break Me Down, Red
37.    On Fire, Switchfoot
38.    Be My Escape, Reliant K
39.    Be Healed, Paper Route
40.    Dance On Our Graves, Paper Route
41.    Brighter Day, Gungor
42.    I Will Live For You, Aaron Pelsue Band
43.    Surely We Can Change, David Crowder Band