This was one of my favorite Verve weekends ever. Easy.

  • Friday night we had a Mike Rayburn concert to raise money for the school and church we’re starting in Monte Olivo, Ecaudor. We are trying to raise $25,000 for this project. I haven’t gotten the final numbers yet, but I know for sure the night raised over $2,000 of what we need! Mike is insanely talented, and insanely cool for doing the concert for us for free.
  • Saturday one of the great couples in our church, Jim and JoAnn, got married.
  • Saturday morning I met with two guys from a Missions agency. That’s the second time I’ve done that in the last month or so. Seems like we’re drawing even more interest from missions groups than from church planting groups.
  • Sunday morning was awesome. Before the first service even started I had a couple of incredible conversations with people who are either really hurting, or who God is doing something amazing in their lives, or who are new and shocked they’re coming to church and loving Verve. Then the services started and wow, we had a lot of people. In fact, we had more people on Sunday than we had the previous week on Sunday and Monday combined. Monday night was also a good crowd. We ended up with almost exactly 50% more this week than last week, and about 15% more this weekend than we’ve had in a long time (or maybe ever?).
  • I’m more convinced than ever that God is really up to something big at Verve. I’m so grateful to be a part of it.