Contagion: The Epidemic

I rented Contagion recently. It’s a movie about the rapid spread of a virus that’s taking the lives of people all over the world.

I started reading the Bible twenty-two years ago and I read in the New Testament about the rapid spread of a “virus” that gave life to people all over the world.

Twenty years ago I showed up a seminary to see about attending there. They asked what I wanted to get my degree in. I said, in effect, “I want to know how to spread the disease.” Somehow I had gone twenty years in America without even being touched by it, and I wanted to know how I could be a part of making the contagion contagious again. And that’s still my question: How do we make it an epidemic?

And that is the question. Christians love to argue about theology and they love to shake their heads at the way this world is going. But what we need to figure out is how do we help this world know Jesus and go to Heaven? What’s the most effective way to do that? That’s what we should be debating, because the world needs us to come up with an answer.