Yasuni National Park is a reserve covering nearly 4,000 square miles on the western fringes of the Amazon basin in Ecuador. It’s considered by many scientists to be the most biodiverse spot on the planet, and therefore of critical importance.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has announced that his nation is so in need financially that they are going to start drilling for oil in the park. Scientists explain that this will have disastrous consequences for the park. Correa has told the world that they will forego drilling in exchange for donations of $3.6 billion over the next 13 years.  — Fascinating. And sad. For a country to be so in need they have to hold their own land hostage.

Well, you and I don’t have the financial wherewithal to contribute to the $3.6 billion to help Ecuador. BUT we CAN make a big difference in Ecuador. Verve is part of starting a new school and church in a poverty stricken town in Monte Olivo, Ecuador. We are raising $25,000 to help build the facility and launch the school and church. It’s going to drastically change lives in that town, and you can help make it happen by making a donation online here.