I think this weekend was a really important one for Verve. At Verve we don’t just want people to show up. And we don’t just want people to believe in God. We want people to become true, whole hearted, fully devoted worshipers of God. And that’s what God wants. It’s why the first two of the ten commandments are for us to have no other gods, but to worship Him alone as God.

The problem is that we all have other gods. We take other things, usually important things, and we make them THE thing, the ultimate thing in our life. We give them our focus, our attention, our time, our money, our energy. Really, we give them our worship. And they are our gods.

Your god might be sex, dating, money, your job, success, your image, alcohol, your boyfriend, control, food, popularity.

But there’s problems. Like none of these things are actually gods. And so we spend time worshiping something that isn’t a god. And it messes us up. Our lives don’t work when we make a god out of something that’s not a god. And God isn’t pleased. He shouldn’t be. We’re committing adultery on Him. We’ve promised our heart to Him, but we’re giving it to something else.

What I want for me is to worship God alone. To only look to Him for satisfaction, contentment, fulfillment, joy. It’s what I want for you too.

If you missed the message this week, you can listen to it here. And if you want to read more about this, here’s a great book.