Blog Announcement

A few times in the history of this blog I’ve kinda changed the focus, and I’m kinda changing it again.

The last few years I’ve made it a blog for pastors and a blog for people who go to Verve. But I’m going to change that and narrow the focus to pastors, for two reasons:

  1. It’s a bit awkward trying to do both. There are lots of things pastors would be interested in, that would bore people who attend Verve. [Which is why I prefer the people who attend Verve to pastors :).] And there’s stuff that Ververs would be interested in but would bore pastors. So I’m going to pretty exclusively post content for pastors (though Ververs are still obviously free to keep reading if they want.)
  2. We’re going to move the content for Ververs to our vervecatalysts blog, and I REALLY want to get every Verver subscribed to!!

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