Christian Culture

A lot of hip, young, cool Christians (and especially hip, young, cool Christian pastors) like to bash Christian culture. They point out that it’s odd, and off-putting to those outside the faith, and often not very relevant, and can feel somehow maybe almost a little incestuous.

And … I agree.

But here’s what I see happening. Those same hip, young, cool Christians are … just creating a new Christian culture. In fact, because of the internet and social media, it seems like it spreads and devours even more quickly and efficiently.

The new culture may be hipper and younger and cooler but, sadly, it’s still just another version of Christian culture. I just wish that what was distinctive about us – as individuals and as collectively – was love, and grace, and generosity. And we infiltrated the culture at large with those distinctives, rather than creating a counter culture to live in.