Another sweet weekend at Verve.

  • I love our volunteers. It’s so cool to see how everyone serving comes together to make a difference. It’s not God working through Vince’s speaking, or God working through Zac’s singing, or God working through Jessi’s smile at the Welcome Center – it’s all of that. It’s all of us.
  • We have a Mission Team here this week. Seven people from a campus ministry at a college in Kansas. So cool that people are willing to give up their time and come across the country to see what we’re doing in Vegas and serve alongside us for a few days.
  • I think this weeks’s message was really important. If we’re going to live for God we need to overcome temptation and, as we talked about, to overcome temptation we need to: (1) be plugged into God, (2) deal with what lies beneath, (3) play for an audience of one, (4) have Bible verses internalized so we can confront the lies of temptation with God’s truth, and (5) have safe friends who know our secrets. If you missed the message, you can listen to it here.